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Krauthammer’s Take: Newt Gingrich “Would Be the Best Pick”

Speaking about Donald Trump’s upcoming VP selection, Charles Krauthammer said that Newt Gingrich would be a better choice for the campaign than Indiana governor Mike Pence:


Well, I don’t know that we can predict and analyze what the advantages are. With Pence, I think it’s completely safe, but it doesn’t move the needle either way. He’s not going to help; he’s not going to hurt. It’ll be a Trump campaign, and nobody will remember the name Pence two weeks into the campaign.

I think Gingrich is the one I think would be the best pick, not so much because he doubles-down, but because he is the most – if you like either, articulate or glib, you can have it either way – but he has such facility with language, he can explain away anything. He can explain anything, and he can explain away anything. After all, last time around he ran a campaign that included a moon base, which was an interesting idea but not easy to sell. So you can anticipate that Trump will run into problems here and there – as he obviously has over the last year – and the guy you’d want to be the first to explain it away would be Newt, because I think he’d be very successful at it.  

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