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Krauthammer’s Take: Bannon May Not Survive

Charles Krauthammer explains how Steve Bannon may have undermined the president and endangered his own job with his reckless comments to a reporter:

I think that [Bannon] just got Scaramucci-ed. Actually, he was self-Scaramucci-ed, kind of a Japanese version of it where you impale yourself. This was completely unnecessary. I suspect [Bannon] thought he was speaking to somebody who would not publish this. But part of the reason it is so inexplicable, and it can’t be a part a larger strategy, is that on North Korea, which he did speak extensively about, he totally contradicted the president. He ridiculed his position. The president is going around saying, if [Kim Jong-un] continues these threats — “fire and fury,” we’re going to retaliate. And Bannon says it’s idiotic, there’s nothing we can do, we are done. And he kind of equates Kim Jong-un and President Trump as these amateurs blundering about.

That, I think, is the most damaging part in terms of his standing with the president — and I’m not sure he survives that.

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