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Krauthammer’s Take: Democrats Know How To Run Against Conservatives, But Not Trump

Charles Krauthammer argues that an “unpredictable” and “unexpected” candidate like Donald Trump may pose a tough challenge for Hillary Clinton: 

I do think that the historic factor is very much minimized and muted. It’ll probably last for an hour or two tonight, but after all, [Clinton] has essentially been running for 16 years.

She was expected to be the nominee in 2008. She was going to be coronated this time around, so it’s actually a delayed feeling. And considering that we had the first African-American, which I think was a far more improbable proposition eight years ago, this is less of a reverberating event.

And the fact is, I think, as Susan said — Democrats are worried and should be worried, simply because you can’t use the usual playbook against Donald Trump. Democrats know how to run against conservatives. They don’t know how to run against a populist who is unexpected and unpredictable and can do anything.

And that’s why I think they have this nervousness, particularly given her liabilities, and she’s been unable to shake a 74-year-old socialist — who, I should add, honeymooned in the Soviet Union – until now, which is quite remarkable. 

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