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Charles Krauthammer On W

This is a good assessment for why the Georgians (dud grenade aside) get Bush:

Well, [the President has] shown that he meant every word he said in the inaugural address, his second inaugural address, which a lot of people said was only rhetoric. He believes in democracy. And he also was essentially saying to his friend Putin, “I can’t really change how you govern Russia, but I’m going to make sure you’re not going to export autocracy in your neighborhood.”

You know, he stood with the Latvians and the Georgians, two countries who did not show up in Moscow at the big party as a way to protest the Russian pressure. He also hinted, or at least spoke about, having Georgia in NATO, which is an extremely strong step. Essentially it puts Georgia under the American umbrella. And Georgia is considered a colony by the Russians. There are two provinces that are separatists that the Russians are supporting. The Russians maintain two bases inside of Georgia and are reluctant to actually leave. So I think he’s extending his umbrella in a way that really says to people around the world, “If you act on behalf of democracy and independence, America stands with you.”

It’s not just rhetoric. He means it on the ground.


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