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From Fox News on the last night of 2009:

On the systemic failures surrounding the Christmas Day bombing:

To me, the scandal is what happened after this guy was apprehended. He got sent to a civilian jail, lawyered up, and he’s not speaking.

He is the guy who allegedly had said immediately after he was apprehended that there are others like him in Yemen who are training [for similar suicide missions]. He has information on all this.

Instead of treating him as an enemy combatant, we have a mania in this administration of treating people like him as a criminal — and we lose all access to any information which would save American lives.

On 2010:

2010 will be the year of Iran. Only three outcomes are possible: (a) there will be an Israeli strike, (b) there is going to be a revolution, which will attenuate the nuclear issue, or (c) the Iranian regime will either acquire [the bomb] or come up to the threshold of becoming a nuclear power.

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