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Charlie Dent’s Commitment to Corporate Welfare Is Stronger Than Ever

While Republicans are failing to repeal Obamacare and implement tax reform, they are nonetheless very effective at bending the rules and walking all over their promise to return to regular order so that they can promote the interests of the powerful corporations that benefit from the Export-Import Bank.

And as always, Representative Charlie Dent (R., Pa.) is leading the charge. Yesterday, Dent got an amendment added to the State Department Appropriations bill to change the quorum requirements for the Ex-Im Bank so that it can authorize deals that are over $10 million (guaranteed with your tax dollars, of course) without the current three-board-member requirement and without a chairman.

Politico Pro reports:

In a policy tweak to the $47 billion measure, the panel agreed to an amendment that would allow the Export-Import Bank to approve deals without the usual quorum, just as business groups have been increasingly pressuring the White House to renege on its nomination of former Rep. Scott Garrett to head the bank.

The amendment’s author, Charlie Dent, said the exception would be merely “a temporary fix” to “let the bank fully function” while the Senate works to confirm nominees.

This is wrong in so many ways. Dent is well-known to many of us for being a shameless tax-and-spend Republican with a passion for propping profits of large companies. If promoting the interests of these large companies at the expense of all of us means bending the rules and lifting all accountability at the bank, so be it apparently.

Update: I should have added that thankfully a few Republicans are still willing to register their opposition to Ex-Im. A few weeks ago, Rep. Justin Amash reintroduced a bill to abolish Ex-Im. Also, the newly released Republican Study Committee’s budget calls for the end of the crony agency.


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