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On Charlie Rose, Scarborough Hands Krugman His ‘Denver Moment’

Later in the debate, Scarborough called out Krugman–who, by his own later account, was out of sorts–for “being childish” and “tak[ing] cheap shots.” He compared Krugman’s behavior to Al Gore’s famous presidential-debate mannerisms in 2000, as the professor was sighing and commenting under his breath as Scarborough talked. Scarborough continued to advocate for serious reform to Social Security and Medicare, while also paying attention to economic growth and job creation. “We can also do what’s responsible for our children and for our grandchildren, and be concerned about long-term debt,” he said. “That seems pretty damn rational to me.”

All in all, Scarborough usefully exposed that Krugman is better at excoriating conservatives at a distance in his columns than at actually debating them. Well done, Joe.


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