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How to Get Rich in Venezuela

In free countries, there are many supporters of Hugo Chávez and the Castroite regime he created in Venezuela. You could tell this by the eulogies when Chávez died — not merely in Communist or left-wing newspapers, and not merely on campuses. They also appeared in such outlets as the Washington Post, from the pens of “liberals.”

(These people aren’t liberals, we just call them that, in a crime against political taxonomy.)

It may be that one of Chávez’s daughters is the richest woman in Venezuela — a multi-billionaire. (See this article.) What do the regime’s supporters in countries such as ours have to say about that? Is that their vision of socialism? Of “social justice”? Are they not a teensy bit embarrassed? Should they not be asked about Ms. Chávez and her ill-gotten billions?

Our president, Obama, clasped Chávez in a soul-brother handshake and called him “mi amigo,” his friend. Chávez and his heirs are no friends to any democrat or liberal. Period.

P.S. Will someone on the campaign trail ask Bernie Sanders what he thinks of the Venezuelan regime? Of the Castros’ regime? Will someone ask Hillary Clinton? (I realize that no one gets to ask her anything, except possibly the FBI.)

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