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Check Out the Photo in the Washington Times Story on U.S./Israel “Working Group” on Iran

So what happens? Six years from now she tells us, sure, she may have been in a meeting, and she may have heard, by and by, that they were considering a bombing raid or something like that against Iran’s nukes, but she had absolutely no idea they were actually, like, gonna do it — in fact, they expressly told her they were not gonna to do it, only consider doing it. And look, we all know they always lie anyway. And let her assure you, she has always detested preemptive attacks — war crimes which have made us less safe and harmed our reputation in the international community. She would certainly have objected in the very strongest terms, and even moved to cut off the funding for the working group, but you see, she heard Jane Harman had written a very strong letter, and . . .


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