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Cheering Edwards

A reader with a different take:

With all respect to you and Jonah, but when it comes to Kerry’s choice of Edwards, y’all don’t know what you are talking about.

Edwards is a loser for Kerry. His choice gives Bush an instant theme: “The Flip-flopper and the Tort Lawyer.” There is a not a *trace* of principle or leadership in the choice of Edwards. It is pure calculaton: crass and even contemptuous of the needs of the nation. The fact that Edwards is classified as “energetic” and “good-looking” means nothing. Edwards could not even win re-election in his own North Carolina.

I won’t even mention the fact that the only people Edwards has ever led, have been juries. No executive experience whatever.

And also, Edwards voted against funding the war in Iraq. The Democrats are now the unalloyed anti-war party.

This is a very good day for Bush.


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