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The Cheering for Obama’s ‘I Have No More Campaigns to Run’ Comment Started in the First Lady’s Box

The most talked about moment at last night’s State of the Union was Obama’s seemingly off-script remark about winning both of his presidential campaigns. In the set-up for the zinger, Obama said, “I have no more campaigns to run,” which was met with a round of applause seemingly from the GOP side of the aisle. However, those who were covering the event from inside the House Chamber realized the applause emanated from a special section of the peanut gallery. 

It is not clear if Michelle Obama started the clapping, but it certainly came from the box flush with her guests. And she certainly was clapping along with those in the box. Which is why Biden and Boehner looked up at FLOTUS like this immediately after the comments:   

So was MO trolling the president from her box? We may never know. 

But the whole moment did make for an excellent Vine: 

Watch the unedited moment here: 


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