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Cheers from AEI

As readers of the Goldberg File already know, I’ve got a temporary (but hopefully long term) gig at the American Enterprise Institute as a visiting fellow. I’m working on my next book there (they have the cutting edge pop-up and scratch-n-sniff technology I need) and I’ll be helping out with the American and the Enterprise blog and a few other things. This should not change things, at all, with NR. Still, it felt awfully weird putting up my first post at the EB yesterday. It reminded me a bit of that episode of Cheers when the gang goes to the bowling alley to compete against Gary’s Old Towne Tavern. When Norm goes into the bar at the bowling alley, a loud greeting of ”Norm!” from the bowling-alley regulars can be heard. The Cheers gang is perplexed. Norm responds by saying something like “What? I do have a life you know.”

Anyway, NRO is my Cheers and I won’t be leaving. My light posting of late has less to do with my swank new digs at the heart of the evil empire, government-in-exile, neoconservative Vatican, this respected think tank, and more to do with a huge stack of deadlines I’ve got to clear out of the way.

Just keeping you in the loop.

Update: Two things. One a friend writes to congratulate me and let me know that AEI’s unofficial name in certain quarters of liberty loving folks is “freedom command.” I like that.

Two a reader makes a good point that I probably misremembered the Cheers bit. Since Norm was going into the bowling alley bar, off camera, it was Cliff who said something like “What? He has a life you know” when the alley-bar crowd yelled “Norm!” But we could both have that wrong. Good thing Rob Long is around here somewhere and he can surely clarify.


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