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Chelsea Clinton, Shameless and Dishonest Attack Dog

From the Thursday edition of the Morning Jolt . . . 

Chelsea Clinton, Shameless and Dishonest Attack Dog

Are you capable of feeling sympathy for Bernie Sanders?

The Clinton campaign keeps inventing innovative, groundbreaking new ways to be shameless. Now they’re using Chelsea Clinton as an attack dog, making one of those patented technically-true-but-epically-misleading-out-of-context accusations.

CHELSEA CLINTON: Senator Sanders wants to dismantle Obamacare, dismantle the CHIP program, dismantle Medicare, dismantle private insurance. Now the Republicans in Congress have voted against the Affordable Care Act 55 times, right? Not because they want to replace it with something because they want to get rid of it. So I worry that if we give Republicans Democratic permission to do that, we’ll go back to an era before we had the Affordable Care Act that will strip millions and millions and millions of people of their health insurance.

Is it true? Well, Bernie Sanders supports “single payer.” You and I could go on at length about what a disaster socialized medicine can be. In fact, let’s look across the pond and check in . . . 

Hospital doctors in England staged their first strike in four decades on Tuesday, disrupting treatment for thousands of patients in the National Health Service and escalating political tensions over a publicly funded health care system so revered that it was once likened to a national religion.

Operations were postponed and appointments canceled in a bitter dispute over pay and working hours between employers and junior doctors, a term that covers medical professionals with as much as a decade of experience.

With the junior doctors offering only emergency care, about 3,500 operations had been affected by Tuesday afternoon, including routine procedures for knee and hip replacements — prompting a warning from Prime Minister David Cameron that the labor action would create “real difficulties for patients, and potentially worse.”

Gee, maybe you don’t want every medical professional in the country working for the same employer! Maybe choice and competition are as good a thing in the medical world as anywhere else!

But as flawed and dangerous as single-payer is, Sanders’ plan only “dismantles” Obamacare, CHIP, Medicare and private insurance to replace it with taxpayer-funded care for everybody. Chelsea’s pointing to only one-half of Sanders’ agenda in order to make it look like he wants to unplug Grandma from the respirator and snatch away Tiny Tim’s cane.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be stunned that Chelsea Clinton, former NBC News reporter under the tutelage of Brian Williams, is running around telling stories that are exaggerated to the point of falsehood. Alternately, maybe Chelsea inherited the shameless lying gene from both sides.

MARK HALPERIN: I’ve covered the Clintons since 1991. It takes a lot to surprise me. I am stunned watching Chelsea Clinton go on the attack. Stunned. Never seen anything like it. And the attack, which her mother is making as well, they’re trying to attack Bernie Sanders from the left on health care, when he supports single-payer. I mean, I’m stunned, I’m stunned by the whole thing. I will say, you and I spent a couple days in Iowa. We saw Bernie Sanders. We saw the event last night. There is no doubt Bernie Sanders has built something real. There’s no doubt that she has too, but the stakes for her now are immense. I think that she’s building up Iowa and New Hampshire. I guess she feels they feel they have no choice. So I think attacking him and going after him is smart, but the way they’re doing it, I don’t think is smart.

If there’s one thing I could dispel from modern politics, it would be politicians’ attempts to win an argument through a shameless obvious lie and then never backing down from it – keeping the issue forever “disputed” when it’s actually clear and one side is factually correct and the other side is factually wrong. We can argue about when this became a mainstream tactic in our discourse, but I think “I did not . . . have . . . sexual . . . relations with that woman . . . Miss Lewinsky” was a key moment.

Naturally, Hillary insists her daughter is right, that Bernie Sanders wants to take away your health care.

“You know, I adore my daughter and I know what she was saying,” Clinton told “Good Morning America” about Chelsea Clinton. “Because if you look at Senator Sanders’ proposals going back nine times in the Congress, that’s exactly what he’s proposed. To take everything we currently know as health care, Medicare, Medicaid, the CHIP Program, private insurance, now of the Affordable Care Act, and roll it together.”

What happens when Bernie Sanders shoots back, and calls out Chelsea Clinton on this? “HOW DARE HE ATTACK A PREGNANT MOTHER!”

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