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Chelsea Mourning

Join Mona Charen and me for our latest podcast, here. We call it “Chelsea Mourning,” because Mona mourns Bradley Manning’s sex-change operation (or whatever he’s doing, or has had done). Bradley is now Chelsea, apparently. Mona doesn’t so much mourn the transformation as fume at the taxpayer funding of it. I fume along with her, of course. Basically, I come pre-fumed.

We also talk about Barack Obama, and his foreign-policy disasters. (Some of them.) His domestic-policy disasters, too. (Some of them.) Hillary Clinton is another master of disaster. (Mistress of disaster?) She thinks that the “reset” with Russia has been a roaring success. Yeah, isn’t it obvious?

There are many items on our agenda. We talk about the Koch brothers, and the relentless demonization of them. There is something fascistic about it, frankly. We also talk about Cleveland — not as a basketball city, but as the site of the 2016 GOP convention.

Rather excitingly, Mona uses “Democrat” as an adjective — “Democrat policies,” she says, in a moment of pique. This recalls Bob Dole, inveighing against “Democrat wars” in his 1976 debate with Mondale. When you use “Democrat” as an adjective, you’re a true winger. Anyone who says “Democratic”: Squish City.

We go out with an excerpt from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, the dazzling, brilliant orchestral scherzo by Dukas. So associated is it with a mouse, we can forget how good it is, as a piece of music. It will endure forever, mouse or no mouse.


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