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Cheney: ‘No Question’ Putin Thinks Obama Is Weak

President Obama faces a difficult challenge in not only dealing with Vladimir Putin, but also convincing European allies to join in American efforts to impose sanctions following Russia’s invasion of Crimea, according to Dick Cheney. A series of foreign-policy missteps has led to a lack of credibility across the globe, he said.

“I think there’s no question [Putin] believes he is weak . . . ,” the former vice president told Face the Nation. “We have created an image around the world, not just to the Russians, of weakness and indecisiveness.”

Cheney pointed to failure of the Russian “reset” policy and the deteriorating situation in Syria as the main reason why Europeans would even be hesitant to engage in economic sanctions against Russia. “He’s got a much higher mountain to climb in order to try to mobilize Europeans governments to come on board for something other than military,” he said.


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