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Cheney Takes First Shot: Calls Enzi ‘Confused’

Liz Cheney, who recently announced that she’ll run for Senate in Wyoming in 2016, came out firing at Mike Enzi, her incumbent opponent, on her first day on the campaign trail. Speaking in Casper, Cheney said the three-term incumbent had seemed “confused” about whether she would still challenge him if he sought reelection.

“I think he may have me mixed up with [Wyoming congresswoman] Cynthia Lummis,” she said at an event. Enzi recently claimed that Cheney had told him she wouldn’t enter the race unless he decided not to run for reelection, and Lummis has criticized Cheney’s decision to jump into the race.

“I have always believed that that decision should be made irrespective of whoever else is in the race,” Cheney said. “When you decide to make a run for office, you do it based on what you think you bring to the cause, based on the issues and policies that matter.”

Cheney has come under fire from the rest of the Wyoming congressional delegation since her announcement earlier this week. Lummis predicted Enzi would beat “the shiny new pony” in Wyoming politics, and called her decision “bad form.” Junior senator John Barrasso said Cheney is joining the “wrong race at the wrong time.”

Katrina Trinko’s new piece on the homepage examines what lines of attack Cheney may have against Enzi in the Republican primary.

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