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Chess Boxing

I love this story.

Nikolay Sazhin almost knocked out his opponent with a blow to the chin in the second round. But he had to take the queen to win the match.

In front of 1,000 cheering fans one recent Saturday night, Sazhin moved his bishop to go in for the kill and won the world championship of chess boxing, a weird hybrid sport that combines as many as five rounds of pugilism with a game of chess.

The combatants switch back and forth between boxing and chess—repeatedly putting their gloves on and taking them off, so that they can move the pieces around the board without clumsily knocking them over—in a sort of brains-and-brawn biathlon.

[Me]  Chess boxing! I was always a duffer at chess, and am way too out of condition for boxing. If there’s a scrabble bowling championship going on somewhere, though, sign me up!

(And this reminds me of a game of throlf I tried to play with a buddy around 2 a.m. one Saturday morning on a moonlit golf course near the bar we’d been propping up for the previous 6 hours or so. Throlf is golf without the clubs. You throw the ball from hole to hole. Best played sober, and in daylight. Probably.)


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