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Reporter Loses Job after Exposing Chicago Dyke March’s Anti-Semitism

The journalist who first reported the fact that three Jewish women were thrown out of the Chicago Dyke March several weeks ago has been moved from her reporting role to a job at her paper’s sales desk. As of yesterday, Gretchen Rachel Hammond — who works for a Chicago LGBT paper called the Windy City Times — no longer serves as a reporter at the paper, but she has declined to say officially whether her coverage of the march was the reason for the sudden shift.

Her work drew national attention after she reported that three women had been removed from the LGBT pride parade for carrying rainbow flags that included the Star of David. The event’s organizers said the flags offended many people at the march because the stars were reminiscent of the Israeli flag, as seen at anti-Zionist events.

Hammond told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency yesterday that she is seeking other employment and cannot comment further on her situation at the Windy City Times. But she issued the following tweets yesterday morning in response to the Chicago Dyke March’s Twitter account:

“One of them said, ‘I’m going to get your bitch ass fired,’” Hammond told the JTA of calls and text messages she received. “It was vicious. It wasn’t even a request for dialogue. It was, ‘You f**ked with us. We’re going to f**k with you.’ They pretty much blamed me for the whole thing blowing up at them.”

This incident is just another example of a trend that Elliot Kaufman articulated on NRO late last month: LGBT Pride parades have become a vehicle for a wide swath of big-ticket items on the progressive agenda. Strict adherence to all of these views, as a whole, is mandatory — so much so that the Chicago march was willing to evict sympathetic individuals from their event merely for expressing their Jewish identity.

And now a reporter has lost her job, likely because she dared to expose the menacing nature of this event’s organizers. Where will this dangerous phenomenon end?