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Here’s a sad but revealing e-mail from a parent about what’s happened to the University of Chicago, once the only reliable refuge for conservatives among the great universities: “Your take on university of Chicago is spot on. My eldest daughter had them at the top of her list, of course, and was attending interviews, visits to campus, etc. She loved it and was very excited until she began to attend many of the orientation sessions. Victimhood, political correctness, and the gender politics were overwhelming. She was disappointed, of course, and confided that she was not interested in attending a place where those concerns were a part of daily life. She had assumed there would be disapproval from friends and family that had attended Chicago in the past, but was relieved that we were supportive of her choice.

She still plans to attend their graduate school in couple of years, but, in my not so humble opinion, the University lost a wonderful undergraduate due to the erosion of independent thought and political correctness.”


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