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For the Children (Again)

The ratchet turns…

The Daily Mail reports that  a proposal to ban smoking in cars when—wait for it—a child is present has won new support.

The controversial move to ban smoking in cars carrying children has won the backing of the Health Secretary. Jeremy Hunt says there is a compelling case for outlawing smoking when youngsters are in a vehicle. Critics claim the amendment to the Children and Families Bill, approved by the House of Lords last week, is unenforceable and an extension of the nanny state. And Mr Hunt had previously rejected Labour’s proposed change in the law, saying it was not the Government’s place to dictate what people did in private places.

So Hunt, a Conservative allegedly, has now changed his mind, just another indication of the intellectual decay now running through the party of which he is a prominent member. Freedom no, parental responsibility no, big government yes.

The tragedy for Britain is that when the Tories are thrown out of office in 2015 (and they will be), what will replace them will be even worse.



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