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China and Zimbabwe

Here’s an interesting little story from South Africa:

The government has defended the Chinese consignment of arms destined for Zimbabwe which is on board a ship in Durban harbour. The An Yue Jiang, which is reportedly loaded with 77 tons of mortars, ammunition and rocket-propelled grenades, was boarded by SAPS explosives experts on Wednesday. Reports of the arms shipment has sparked a political outcry with parties calling on the government to block the consignment to Zimbabwe’s army. The ship’s master, a Captain Sunaijun, said there was “no dangerous cargo on general cargo” on board and confirmed that it was destined to Zimbabwe. Inspector Nicholas Gunther, of the SA Explosives Unit in Durban, said the vessel was carrying a shipment of arms. Leonard Hadebe, head of Durban Customs, told Sapa: “We have confirmed that the shipment was headed for Zimbabwe. “It arrived at the Durban Harbour on April 14.” Defence Secretary January Masilela said on Wednesday night that there was nothing wrong with the “conveyance” of a Chinese consignment of arms to Zimbabwe. Masilela, who chairs the Scrutiny Committee of the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC), said the consignment was a “simple” transaction between China and Zimbabwe.

What a pity the Chinese could not have thrown in the Olympic torch with the rest of the consignment.


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