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Chinese Muslims

I’ve gotten several emails like this:


Your lack of knowledge about the rise of Islam in China is apparent. Was Derbyshire out of town?

The province of Xin Jiang Province is a hot bed of non-Han Chinese Islamic jihadism. The capital city is Urumqi.

Do you know what which Islamic countries border China and the one in particular that has a 25 mile border with China.

Your specific ignorance as to this issue is appalling for someone who has pretenses to erudition.

As usual,

All the best

[Name withheld]

Me: I do not dispute for a moment that I am relatively ignorant about the rise of Islam in China. What this and other readers missed was, well, my point. I was trying to make a joke about how the political correctness around the issue of Islamic terrorists being mostly Arab or Arab-looking would require that Bush’s ads warn of a terrorist threat that “looks like America.” By the way, I am perfectly aware that there are millions of Chinese Muslims — and quite a few Norwegian Muslims too.

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