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Chisel Obama into Rushmore, Says National Journal Writer

National Journal’s Jill Lawrence argued this morning that President Obama had done enough in his first term to “cement his legacy” and perhaps to merit a place on Mount Rushmore. ”What does a president have to do these days to get his face carved into a mountainside?” she asked, fretting that his accomplishments are going unappreciated by Americans.

Lawrence argues three major accomplishments that justify the president’s inclusion on the monument: the Affordable Care Act, doing away with “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and — wait for it — saving the nation from economic turmoil. “Historians may determine that Obama prevented his country from spiraling into a full-scale Great Depression II,” Lawrence wrote. “If that’s the case, his much-disparaged stimulus package—with its grab bag of state and local aid, highway projects, education grants, and green-energy subsidies—will be seen as pivotal to his presidency.” If Obama can make advancements in gun control and combating climate change during his second term, Lawrence believes George, Thomas, Abe, and Teddy should start making room for a new neighbor. 


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