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I would like to take the time to thank you for your article, “Partial Truths.” As a Family Nurse Practitioner and a mother of two toddlers, I am strongly opposed to “partial-birth” abortions. I wasn’t always aware of how abortions were actually performed until I became a nurse. I admit I even marched in a “pro-choice” parade in my college years. I guess I always thought having choices was important. I still do. But murder and infanticide is not a choice that ought to be granted to us. If it weren’t for the internet, I would never have seen the horror. And until I saw my daughter at 7 weeks on the ultrasound, with her little heart beating, I never realized she was already a person before I knew she existed.

I speak from experience. My first child was a “surprise,” but there was never a choice to make. My husband and I did decide to marry before her birth, but many are not as lucky as I have been to have such a wonderful, loving husband. However, I reiterate that there was never a choice to make regarding her life. She was very much wanted, just as her sister, who came a year later, was wanted. I cannot imagine my life without my daughters, and would give my own life freely for them.


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