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Me ’n’ Chris

More than most of my fellow righties, I have always admired Chris Christie. He’s not a down-the-line conservative. But down-the-line conservatism will probably not get you elected governor of New Jersey.

I like the way he has stood up to the public-sector labor unions. I like his position against abortion (not easy to take in his political environment). I hated The Hug, but got over that, sort of. I think he is one of the best talkers — certainly best debaters — on the American public stage.

As I remember, I was practically the only one who liked Christie’s keynote address to the 2012 Republican convention.

And I have thought he might make a particularly effective running-mate for the 2016 Republican presidential nominee, whoever he is.

Just now, Christie endorsed Trump. Chris Christie thinks that Donald J. Trump ought to be president of the United States. Really.

I heard him say on television that Trump would restore America’s prestige around the world. I immediately thought of Trump’s mocking — physical mocking, physical imitation — of a physically handicapped person.

Christie, what is wrong with you? I don’t know, but something is wrong with me if my view of Christie is unchanged.


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