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Shades of Charlie Crist

The Chris Christie endorsement of Donald Trump is reminiscent of Charlie Crist’s endorsement of John McCain in Florida in 2008. Crist was another unprincipled opportunist desperate to make it out of, from his perspective, the backwater of his state capital. Christie’s endorsement makes no sense on any level except, Which would he rather do? Sit in Trenton and serve out his days as the lame-duck governor of New Jersey, or hop on Donald Trump’s jet for a seat at the center of the political universe? This is not a close call. Christie’s endorsement won’t have the immediate electoral impact of Crist’s, which arguably put McCain over the top in Florida. But it is validating for Trump. At least there is some comfort in watching the governor squirm when confronted with the blatant contradictions of his manifestly selfish choice.



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