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Christians & Jews

A reader writes about today’s G-File:

Enjoyed your column as always. However, you wrote: “Indeed, they love observant Jews more than most Jews do. Why? Because the Right side of the culture war wants “traditionalists” of all stripes in its corner”.

Nope. You don’t see them making much common cause with mainstream Muslims, who are about on their level of religiosity and who are similarly horrified by atheism, marriage vows between gentlemen, exposed mammaries and sass-talkin’—much less Islamists. Evangelicals love observant Jews mostly because they literally believe that Jews are God’s Chosen People and that the observant among them are extra-special chosen people. Evangelicals are far more into the Old Testament/Jewish Bible than Catholics or mainline protestants and have long seen Judiasm in an older sibling/predecessor/deposed champ role, whereas Catholics (another group of traditionalists Evangelicals are very unimpressed by) just latched onto this theme. Evengelicals are obsessed with Old and New Testament prophecy and of course believe that it indicates Jews will eventually believe Jesus was the Messiah. All assertions from personal observation.

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