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Christie Continues to Mull

In conversations today with Chris Christie’s inner circle, the message was clear: The Garden State governor will probably not decide by Sunday. He also does not feel pressure to announce anything on Monday or Tuesday. He knows the clock is ticking, and is well aware of the speculation, but will not be rushed.

Indeed, sources tell me that he will continue to mull this weekend, watching football games and discussing a potential run. Those talks, however, will likely not extend beyond a very tight group of trusted friends and associates. Calls to GOP bundlers and party bigwigs will be light, if they happen at all.

Of course, around the governor, the wheels are turning. Top supporters are thinking about a path to the nomination. Christie’s financial backers, for their part, are ready to launch political-action organizations, but, for the moment, are holding off since things remain fluid.

The takeaway as of early Friday evening is this: He’s closer now to running than he ever has been, but there are numerous considerations — personal and strategic — that could tilt him away from the race.

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