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Christie Dissed Romney Consultants After Enlisting Them in His Reelection Campaign

New Jersey governor Chris Christie was dismissive of the Romney campaign’s political consultants Sunday morning, telling This Week host George Stephanopoulos that “nobody should really give a darn about” political advice from them.

However, it seems the governor actually paid plenty of attention to what at least a few of the old Romney hands had to say.

Campaign-finance reports show that the governor, who easily won reelection last week, hired the Stevens & Schriefer Group, which is run by two former Romney campaign senior strategists, Stuart Stevens and Russell Schriefer.

Though Stevens didn’t work for the campaign, Schriefer—who also worked with Christie on his first campaign for governor in 2009—and Romney-affiliated partner, Ashley O’Connor, were paid over $46,000 to advise the governor on advertising.

Via the Star-Ledger

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