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Christie: Romney Will be ‘Better President’ than Perry


At a tele-town hall held after the endorsement announcement today, Chris Christie cited Mitt Romney’s combination of executive experience in the private and public sector as one reason he had chosen to endorse Romney over Rick Perry.

“I thought Gov. Romney’s the better candidate, and I think he’ll make the better president. I know Rick Perry, and I like him as a person,” Christie said, noting that he had gotten to know Perry during his time as governor. 

“Lastly, I think he gives us our best opportunity to defeat President Obama,” Christie added.

Asked if he would consider being the vice presidential candidate on a Romney ticket, Christie said he anticipated finishing out his term as governor of New Jersey, which ends in 2013.  “Now is the time for me to help fix the problems in New Jersey,” he remarked. He does plan to help Romney as much as he is able to on the campaign trail.

Speaking about what a President Romney would do, Christie strongly asserted that Romney was a “a man of his word.”

“I’m going to listen to all the promises he makes,” Christie said of Romney, “and when he gets to the White House, if I think he’s going off track … I’m going to pick up the phone and call my friend, the president and say, ‘Let’s get going.’ I don’t think I’m going to have to do that, though, because  I think Gov. Romney’s a man of his word and that he’ll stick up for the promises he makes to you over the course of the next year as he pursues the presidency.”

Speaking about the general election, Christie predicted that if Romney won the nomination, he would face “hell-fire” coming from President Obama as he campaigned for another term. 

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