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Christie Squares Off with Occupiers at Romney Rally

Exeter, N.H. — It was a rally for Mitt Romney, but it was Chris Christie who brought the hundreds of attendees to their loudest cheers in the cavernous high-school gym.

“We can no longer put up with the most pessimistic man I’ve ever seen in the Oval Office,” Christie told the crowd.

Referring to President Obama’s class-warfare rhetoric, Christie said that Obama’s solution was to take “pie” from those who had a bigger “piece,” keep the bulk of it, and then give some to those with a smaller piece. In contrast to that,  “Mitt Romney believes that the size of the American piece is infinite,” Christie said.

When he was interrupted during his remarks by Occupy protesters shouting, “Christie kills jobs! Christie kill jobs!” Christie deadpanned, “Really?”

“Somebody’s going down tonight, but it ain’t going to be jobs, sweetheart,” Christie rejoined from the stage as the chanting continued from a cluster in the audience. “There’s this confusion that’s out there because if she was in New Jersey . . . she would know that we created 60,000 new private-sector jobs.”

Saying that the female protester was “blinded” by her enthusiasm for Obama, Christie continued, “And if she wasn’t so disoriented by the loss of hope and change, she’d understand that . . . Mitt Romney is the hope for America’s future.”

He went on to blast Obama to the clapping and cheering attendees as a “Chicago ward politician.”

It was in marked contrast to how Romney had handled the protesters who interrupted him earlier at the event. Romney had simply remarked, “Oh, this is our regular group here,” when the shouting began, and after discussing how great free speech was, urged the protesters to have more “courtesy” next time.

Christie ended with a plea to Granite State voters.

“New Hampshire, everyone is watching you,” he said. “Send a strong message back, when America is watching on Tuesday night. You tell them we’ve seen presidential candidates up and down in this state, and we know a president when we see one, and he is right here.”

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