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Christie’s Shot

I know I have a column up on the homepage about Cruz and Rubio potentially going all the way, but let me add something else. I’ve been saying for a long time — at least once eliciting snickering from colleagues whose names rhymes with “ditch dowry” — that Chris Christie has a much better shot at winning the nomination than the conventional wisdom suggests. That’s not to say he’s got a good shot. But there’s a clear path for him. Christie is following the McCain strategy and is simply setting up shop in New Hampshire. His gifts as a candidate are almost perfectly suited for New Hampshire town halls. If he wins in New Hampshire, there’s plenty of precedent that he could go all the way after that.

On Morning Joe just now they ran this video from the Huffington Post showing Christie talking about drug addiction and treatment. Whatever you think of the issues involved, you can see how this would leave a lasting impression, particularly in a state struggling with a major heroin problem. It’s also a good example of why I think he’s got a shot. 



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