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Christmas Eve Reading

LAURA INGRAHAM: Let’s remember the military families and our wounded heroes. “The Greatest Gift” 12/24 1:00 AM

NINA SHEA: Christian hearts are filled with joy and wonder reflecting on the first Christmas. They should also make room in this season for the persecuted faithful of the Middle East. “A Creche Without Christians” 12/24 12:00 AM

JAMES S. ROBBINS: “I do earnestly pray for peace.” “Bridging the River” 12/24 1:00 AM

JOHN DERBYSHIRE: It’s the Mitt Romneyest time of the year. “Sing-along-a-Derb 2007” 12/24 12:00 AM

MICHAEL KNOX BERAN: When the electric guitar sounds during the Sacrifice of the Mass, the cherubim weep. “Mysterious Encounters” 12/24 12:00 AM

JENNIFER GRAHAM: Is it just that damned temporal lobe acting up again? “Merry Christmas, Mr. Hitchens” 12/24 12:00 AM

JIM PEMBERTON: Playing chess with my daughter is a doubly effective move. “Protecting the Queen” 12/24 12:00 AM

DEBORAH COREY BARNES: Are you Envirochic? “A Green Christmas” 12/24 12:00 AM

PETE SHEEHAN: Why is it only Christmas in July? “Always Winter, Never Christmas” 12/24 12:00 AM

RICH LOWRY: There is a quiet battle between patrons of real and artificial Christmas trees. “Keep it Real” 12/21 12:00 AM

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