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Christmastime Commercials

I love this time of year, but I cannot stand the commercials. The Fran Drescher Old Navy commercial alone is enough to send me on a three state killing spree (plus the District of Columbia!). But the commercials that drive me nuts the most are the ones that would probably drive the Marxists nuts the most; where they try to make a want into a need. They appear mostly on cable and they are designed solely for lame X-Mas presents. Now I don’t mind advertising, marketing, capitalism etc. But I can’t stand it when the advertiser thinks I’m stupid. Like this commercial for the machine that opens jars for you. They make it seem like a working mother might as well put her kids up for adoption if she doesn’t have this time and labor-saving device. Another example which comes to mind isn’t even for Christmastime. It’s the ad for PetMeds.Com. The little story they tell is of one woman who gets to lounge around the house like the Queen of Sheba because she gets all of her dog’s pills online. Meanwhile, her friend’s life is little better than a North Korean peasant’s.


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