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Krauthammer’s Take: Latest WikiLeaks Breach ‘Worse Than Snowden’

Charles Krauthammer described the latest leaks at the CIA as more damaging than even those of Edward Snowden, and he casts blame on the vetting procedure for contractors:

I can see how it can open up a hall of mirrors about cloaking and disguising the so-called attacks on our democratic system. The real story is: I think this is worse than Snowden. It’s one thing to disclose names and places and even operations, but once you are describing the sources and methods, that’s the key to what we do. You’ve got to wonder — all the energy we spend on the vetting of, I don’t know, Yemeni nationals trying to get into the country — ought we not be spending a bit more of our time and effort on the vetting of contractors? Snowden was a contractor for NSA. Presumably this person who is leaking (or persons) were contractors for CIA. This I think is our greatest weakness.

We could have lost a decade of this. But I will commend the CIA for one thing: Their creativity in codenames. “Umbrage” is a beauty.

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