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Senate Amnesty Bill May Require Ads in Five Languages

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia — With no complete text of the so-called bipartisan immigration reform compromise available, English First is expecting the worst on language issues.

“The Senate has been seriously considering literally begging illegal aliens to accept amnesty and doing so in at least five languages,” said Jim Boulet, Jr., Executive Director of English First.

Boulet’s remarks were based upon one proposal making the rounds which stated that information about the new amnesty visa should be “broadly disseminated, in no fewer than the top five principal languages, as determined by the Secretary in his discretion, spoken by aliens who would qualify for classification under this section, including to television, radio, and print media to which such aliens would have access.”

“Amnesty for 12 million law breakers is bad enough,” Boulet said.. “Groveling before these illegal aliens begging them to accept amnesty in at least five languages is the sort of thing that drives Americans crazy about our immigration and language policies.”

“People should buy stock in Univision and every ethnic newspaper possible, because these mandatory multilingual ads will not be cheap,” Boulet said. “There is no ceiling lurking in this legislation on the cost of these ads.”