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Cindy McCain’s Tax Returns

The Washington Post makes a fair point here:

“IT WON’T DO.” That was our bottom line in 1984 when Rep. Geraldine Ferraro of New York, Democratic vice presidential candidate, balked at releasing her husband’s income tax returns. Ms. Ferraro ultimately relented. It was our bottom line four years ago, when Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of the Democratic nominee, refused to release her returns; Ms. Kerry relented as well. And it is just as apt now with regard to Cindy McCain’s tax returns.”

Actually, unless I am mistaken, there was always a limit to the degree to which Ms. Kerry “relented” (the disclosures she made were very far from complete), but Cindy McCain needs to do a fair bit of “relenting” herself too. I listed some of the reasons why in this article about Ms. Kerry back in 2004 (although, as the wife of a low tax candidate Mrs McCain is less vulnerable to accusations of hypocrisy if her tax affairs are, shall we say, ‘efficiently’ arranged). Mutatis mutandis, the same arguments apply to Mrs. McCain.


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