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Cino Focuses on State Offices

This morning, Maria Cino sends a letter to the Republican National Committee outlining her strategy for 2011 — namely, to keep the governors’ mansions in Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi, and to gain seats in several state legislatures. Here’s the letter:

Dear RNC Member:

As Christmas passes and 2011 approaches, I am looking forward to the New Year with great optimism.

We can and must seize our party’s prime opportunity in the coming year to retain governorships in Mississippi and Louisiana and add another in Kentucky; gain seats in the Mississippi, Louisiana, Virginia, New Jersey and Northern Mariana Islands legislatures; and, pilot new programs that bolster our boots-on-the-ground game nationally for 2012 and beyond. 

This much we already know: Our 2010 would have been even more successful had the RNC been prepared to help its sister Republican committees and state parties build strong, strategic and fully-funded voter registration and GOTV operations.  Additional victories – from seats in Congress to seats in State Houses – were denied to state party organizations nationwide because of shoddy RNC management.

If elected RNC Chairman, I pledge to you to fully fund our voter registration and GOTV operations – starting in 2011.  We must never again – and we will not if I am Chairman – leave even one victory to chance. To that end, we will use 2011 to try new technology and tools; to re-establish the RNC’s relationships with its sister committees, including the Republican Governor’s Association; and to take whatever additional actions are necessary to prepare our party to defeat Team Obama in 2012.

Beginning in January, I look forward to working with you to restore and modernize our Grand Old Party. 




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