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Cino Kerry

“Catholics for a Free Choice”—which is nothing but the abortion industry’s CINO (Catholics in Name Only) front group—is questioning the Denver archdiocese’s tax status because of the piece Archbishop Chaput had published in the New York Times on Friday. In that piece, of course, Chaput laid out the considerations a Catholic voter should have in mind when deciding who to vote for. That’s part of his job. He did not spell it out in out in specific Kerry vs. Bush terms–i.e. he did not campaign for Bush or say “it is a sin to vote for Kerry.” That’s up to the reader to do based on the pretty clear guidance (and it’s pretty clear when Kerry consistently voted against a ban partial-birth abortion, for starters).

The blatant campaigning John Kerry is doing from church pulpits seems not to be outraging too many on the Left, though. Perhaps that’s because it is the right kind of pulpit politics, in their view.

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