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Cino Releases Fourth Plank

Maria Cino, a candidate for chair of the Republican National Committee, releases the fourth plank of her platform today. The focus is the state parties’ get-out-the-vote programs. Here are the key elements:

Consult and plan with state parties

·       Request state parties and territories to submit, in April 2011,18-month Victory Plans with their expected needs for the 2011/2012 cycle.  Then we will work with state parties to develop monthly milestones. Our credo will be: No one shall fail.

·       Establish joint state Victory accounts to raise the money necessary to establish and fund successful state party Victory programs.


·       Implement Victory pilot programs in 2011 in Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia for gubernatorial and state legislative races.

Provide necessary grassroots resources

·       Enhance and create state-of-the-art Voter Vault with accurate, updated, valuable data.

·       Implement a dedicated nationwide voter registration effort, and expand the Party by bringing in new voters that share our values and beliefs.

·       Reinvigorate and update the 72-hour GOTV program, with enhanced absentee programs and newly developed early voter programs to match the new reality of “Election Days” that last for weeks.

·       Conduct national training and deploy a new generation of grassroots GOTV campaign and fundraising activists.

·       Institute more structure in field operations, with earlier ground efforts and additional volunteer and resource support.

·       Develop and implement solid coalition plans that educate and energize our traditional conservative base for Republican candidates in 2011 and 2012.


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