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Cino Releases Second Plank of Platform

Maria Cino is releasing her platform, “A Path to Victory in 2012,” in installments; and today, she released the second plank, “Restoring Accountability.” If elected chair of the Republican National Committee, Cino says she will keep members informed of developments before they hit the papers. Her plan includes six points:

  • ·        Immediately conduct a SPECIAL AUDIT of the RNC, brief Members on results;

  • ·        Hold monthly Executive Committee conference calls to brief on RNC activities;

  • ·        In conjunction with a reinvigorated RNC Budget Committee, create a two-year budget cycle so fundraising and budget plans match the federal election cycle;

  • ·        Hire professional CFO to restore credibility with Members, donors and vendors;

  • ·        Improve contract management by asking the Budget Committee to set a threshold level for “major contracts” and using a competitive bidding process;

  • ·        Identify, recruit most talented professionals to build a successful, cohesive team.


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