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Cisneros/Barrett Update

Word late tonight is that House and Senate conferees have dropped a

Democratic attempt to de-fund independent counsel David Barrett. Barrett is

the independent counsel chosen to investigate former Clinton administration

housing secretary Henry Cisneros. In 1999, Cisneros pleaded guilty to a

misdemeanor after he was accused of lying to the FBI about payments he made

to a former girlfriend. During the investigation, Barrett is said to have

uncovered evidence that some Internal Revenue Service officials used their

position to protect Cisneros. Barrett’s final report is said to be a

revealing look at the IRS’s actions. In light of that, some Senate

Democrats, including Byron Dorgan and John Kerry, tried to kill the Barrett

report by immediately cutting off funds to his office, which would make it

impossible for Barrett to publish his findings. But tonight, that attempt

has been defeated, and it is likely that the Barrett report will be made

public, perhaps as soon as next month.


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