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A Beacon of Civilization

This week, City Journal celebrates its 25th anniversary. City Journal describes itself as “a quarterly magazine of urban affairs, published by the Manhattan Institute,” and that is true, so far as it goes. I would describe it as a beacon of civilization.

A short while ago, I wrote some of my friends at CJ: Brian Anderson, the editor; Myron Magnet, the editor-at-large; Matt Hennessey, an associate editor; Heather Mac Donald, one of its powerhouse writers.

By the way, WFB said of Jeane Kirkpatrick that she “ought to be woven into the flag as the 51st star.” Maybe Heather should be woven in as the 52nd.

And I can’t recommend highly enough Myron’s piece in the current issue: “What City Journal Wrought: An editor looks back.” Everything that is Magnetic is there: the learning, the intellect, the moral passion, the practicality, the style …

Anyway, I wrote these guys, and I’d like to repeat here, in public, what I told them, privately: City Journal is something that makes me proud to be a conservative. When I read CJ, I think, “If those guys are conservative, that’s what I am. Whatever they are — that’s what I am.”

If City Journal did nothing more than what it has done already, in its first 25 years, that would be enough. More than enough. But they steam on. Long live City Journal.


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