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Civil-Rights Struggle

Ward Connerly e-mails:

I recently finished a speaking tour in Missouri, including republican women’s groups and college campuses. I wanted to immediately send you a message about our efforts throughout the country to end race and gender preferences, but specifically to talk about the state of Missouri. Missouri is a hot bed of race preferences including contracting set-asides. Proponents of race preferences are pulling out all the stops; I mean all the stops. The usual cast of characters (ACLU, NAACP, Soros funded BISC and ACORN) are going to extremes to stop petitioners; including intimidation, screaming and stealing petitions. They have even enticed a former ally, Lee Albright – a petition circulation firm that has worked on many Republican campaigns – to defect and lead a disgraceful “blocking” effort. However, what is exciting is that the Missouri Civil Rights Initiative (MoCRI) is within striking distance of ending the obnoxious policies of race preferences. MoCRI needs the help of nationwide supporters to counter the bullying efforts of the opposition. MoCRI needs 25 individuals who are committed to equal treatment under the law to travel to Missouri. All expenses will be paid and there is the potential to earn big bucks to collect signatures. These individuals are essential to the effort, not only for the signatures they gather, but to show there’s a national effort to end the discriminatory policies of race preferences in America.

Kathryn, if you know anyone who is interested, please send them the information below. Time is of the essence as signatures are needed now. Please see below for more information. Thank you, Ward Connerly Petition Circulators Needed Ward Connerly and Missouri Civil Rights Initiative need your help NOW! Now through May 4, 2008 Be a part of the national effort to end race preferences in college admissions, contracting, and public employment while earning extra money! Call to find out how you can have your travel expenses covered. Circulators will have the potential to earn $1,000 per week (going rate $1.25 per signature collected) Contact: National Ballot Access Phone: (314) 963-7474


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