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Civilian Regrets

Oh, boy. I have spent the last 30 minutes fielding e-mails from readers of

The Corner saying “That’s exactly how I feel!” (Referring to that post an

hour or so ago from a 28-yr-old software engineer.) Well, 28 is not too

late. Here is a reader with a constructive suggestion: “John, as somebody

who was in the same boat as your software engineer until last November, I

wonder if you wouldn’t pass along a note from this 29 year old computer

geek, inviting him to consider the Reserves. I am due to report to Army

training this month, while my wife is carrying my first child, and I can’t

tell you how charged up I am to FINALLY get a chance to earn my uniform and

lay to rest any regrets I have ever had over not joining the Army as a

teenager after the first Gulf War. It is hard on the family, sure. My wife

and I have had to move recently to afford the lean times while I am in

service. But can you put a price on knowing that you serve the greatest

country with the finest armed force in the history of history? I think not!

So, to the nameless software engineer, I say: join me, sir. Call your local

recruiter. In fact, if you are a Seattle area soul, call Sergeant Allison

who is head of the local recruiter station. He is at 362-1465. Tell him

you want to know if the Army Reserve has room for one more patriot.” I

can’t wait to see the recruiting numbers for the next few weeks.


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