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Claremont Review of Books

The CRB remains my absolute favorite publication I’ve never written for — and very, very, near the top in the overall standings as well. The latest issue has a wonderful essay by Bill Voegeli surveying the recent flaps over how liberals need “Big Ideas” as well as Jonathan Chait’s liberalism-is-whatever-people-like-me-say-it-is campaign. I have a couple constructive quibbles with it, but all in all it’s the best thing written on this stuff, including my own copious contributions to the various arguments. Unfortunately for you miserable wretches, it doesn’t appear to be online yet.

Bonus for hardcopy readers of the CRB: There’s a review of Peter Beinart’s book which includes a picture that makes him look like a Vulcan (or, in fairness, an Elf or a Romulan).


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