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Racism, Redefined

Considering the curious case of Sarah Jeong — the incoming New York Times columnist who turned out upon her hiring to have tweeted a series of blatantly racist remarks about the awfulness of white people but managed to retain her gig by claiming that she was merely imitating the forms of unidentified racist people — William Voegeli does yeoman’s work in teasing out the various ways the Left has redefined racism to mean something other than the dictionary meaning. “‘Racism,’ then turns out to be opposition to, or merely skepticism about, the entire social justice project. Social justice leftists doubt their ability, for the foreseeable future, to win assent to that project by advocating its merits.” So they resort to calumny instead.

Voegeli is writing in the new issue of the essential quarterly the Claremont Review of Books, whose arrival each season is cause for huzzahs. As is always the case, the issue is full of great stuff. Among other highlights this issue is a piece by our own Andy McCarthy about impeachment, a stellar essay by Christopher Caldwell on populism’s uphill fight against elites in Europe, and a look back at H.L. Mencken by Joseph Epstein. Jonah Goldberg fans will find a thoughtful review by James W. Ceaser of Suicide of the West, and Michael Anton continues to make a philosophical case for Trumpism that I continue to regard skeptically, yet Anton is worth the reading, if only because he is so unlike other Trump defenders. In short, CRB is a buffet. Dig in.


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