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Andy, let me go back to saying what I said in my original post on the new McCain ad (here). (It was called “One Thumb Down(ish),” the “ish” being suggestive.) (A subsequent post is here.) Frankly, let me start afresh, and say what I should have said, clearly.

If you’re going to exploit the Obama-lipstick thing, fine. But do it lighter — do it cool, amusing, nonchalant. Do it like Sarah handled the Dems in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Not with Katie Couric deploring sexism. Not by going all Betty Friedan.

Many, many readers have suggested alternative ads, or alternative approaches. For example, Sarah recalls what Obama said. Then she says, “Moi?” Or, at the beginning of her next speech, she makes a show of refreshing her lipstick.

Etc., etc.

Anyway — I see that I have violated the latest commandment of The One: to shut up about lipstick and pigs. Would that be the Eleventh? I mean, if you can have 57 states . . . (Sorry.)

Oh, one more thing: I know that people like me have been giving a lot of advice to the McCain campaign. But we remember: It is they who have pulled even with Obama (if not ahead), showing laudable political smarts. Keep going!


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