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This is in response to an email from someone who thinks I bolloxed the language in today’s article. I said:

” Do not think for a moment that the beheadings are a unique form of viciousness aimed only against Americans or American allies. Beheading has been a common form of execution of Islamic (and Christian, and Bahai, and Zoroastrian) enemies, and I have no doubt the jihadists have beheaded more of “their own” than of ours…”

my correspondent says that one could read that as saying that Christians, Baha’is and Zoroastrians also behead their enemies. My intention–and forgive me if it isn’t clear–was to say that the jihadists behead muslims, christians, baha’is and zoroastrians as well as infidel coalition forces and workers.

Sorry for the confusion.

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