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Clarity Please

I’ve now heard two very different versions of the detainee bill compromise. One version, a la, Bruce Ackerman in the LA Times, says that Americans can be unilaterally declared enemy combatants and deprived of habeus corpus (this also seems to be Specter’s version). The other version says this isn’t true because the Hamdi decision and other safeguards don’t allow it and even detained enemy combatants can challenge the enemy combatant designation. I have not had a chance to study any of the fine print. Anyone know of an honest broker who has sorted through all of this in a clear-headed and non-partisan manner?

Update: This isn’t what I had in mind when I asked for clear-headed and non-partisan analysis. From a reader:

Wouldn’t it have been nice had the Senate had time to consider this rather than gut our constitution today? Fifty years from now when Americans look back in horror at this decision, be proud that the NRO did its part to push this terrible mess through congress in exchange for a thirty second attack ad.   Bastards. You should hang your heads in shame.


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